книга Н значит : Надежда [поэзия]

Н значит : Надежда [поэзия]

Тимонг Лайтбрингер

I am the man of sorts, you know, And I can feel yours feelings flow, And haven t mastered mine for now My love to you I did bestow. What was my reason for such move ? To you my love I ll never prove, For you I m but another buff, So I am saying now - enough What was I thinking all that time ? You were your own, never mine, Sometimes all kind, in times all rough But it s still such worthless stuff. I am alone, I always was, I am still living in the doze That someone will accept my love I will awaken, it s enough I m tired of that endless fight, I am no moth that will not bite And crawl through your endless bluff No more lying - it s enough I was the one to help you flight And threw your past out of sight, And yet it came to such a blight In that I m guilty - and still right. I can forgive, I will forget Of our past that makes me sad, Such pretty looking, useless stuff No more such memories, enough I have no willing to